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How to parent smarter not harder.

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Socially distanced games: ideas!

Not being able to play with friends has been tough for children during the coronavirus lockdown. Young children are programmed to play. Play fuels their development and it is through play that they...

Anita Cleare parenting expert 'Helping children settle back into school post-lockdown' photo of boy at desk

Helping children settle back into school post-lockdown

By the time schools reopen in the UK for the new academic year, many children will have been out of school for nearly six months. And many parents are worried about helping children settle back into...

Anita Cleare, parenting expert, @parenting in a time of uncertainty' photo of girl looking over balcony

Parenting in a time of uncertainty

I didn’t imagine myself writing this blog post. It wasn’t on my planner. I’ve spent the last few months writing about the various parenting challenges of Covid-19 (working from...