Being a parent is….

They say it is the most important job in the world. But being a parent is not a job (though there are times when it can feel like a never ending set of tasks). Being a parent means having many different roles. And knowing which one is required when. And seamlessly slipping between them all. This is what being a parent means to me….


Carer. Being a parent is being a carer, meeting needs and providing love and protection.

Coach. Being a parent is being a coach, a guide and advisor who helps them find the right path for themselves.

Fan. Being a parent is being their biggest fan, no matter that their skills might still need a bit of work.

Playmate. Being a parent is being a playmate who gets down to their level and has silly riotous fun. Not like a grown up at all.

Friend. Being a parent is being a friend to be trusted.

Rock. Being a parent is being their rock and their safehouse no matter what.

Hero. Being a parent is being their hero and their inspiration.

What does being a parent mean to you?


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