Round up: best parenting websites for dads

best parenting websites for dadsLots of parenting websites assume – either explicitly or implicitly – that their readers are women. There are some really good websites (such as Family Lives) that strive to be gender-neutral and offer advice that all parents will find helpful. But there is definitely a really important place for parenting advice written by dads, for dads.

The best dad sites build a sense of community without dumbing down or stereotyping. Some offer concrete, practical advice, whilst others offer a humorous perspective to help get you through tough times. Here is my round up of the best parenting websites for dads.

Best all-rounder

DADinfo offers a bit of everything. There is practical advice on parenting topics, a dad’s-eye view on the latest news about children and parenting, plus an active forum for peer-to-peer support and some great blogs giving personal perspectives on different dads’ journeys through fatherhood.

Best for new/expectant dads

New Dads Survival Guide is aimed specifically at dads who are expecting or who have newborns. There is essential info about pregnancy, labour and birth, practical stuff (like how to change a nappy), discussions on the role of dads at this stage in children’s lives plus an outline of child development milestones and what to expect during this full-on period.

Best for sound parenting advice

I really like the Family Lives YouTube clips because they are quick and easy to watch and simple to navigate. The clips offer parenting advice for all parents but they are really good at including the perspectives of dads and feature lots of real dads talking. An easy-to-access format which covers key topics across all ages.

Best for work issues

If you want accurate up-to-date information on paternity rights, shared parental leave and flexible working, head over to Working Families. They also have a helpline for answering specific questions.

Best for single dads

Gingerbread is a national charity for single parents (mums and dads). They have some great web pages aimed specifically at single fathers covering all the issues commonly faced by single dads. There are also online forums for chat and support and Gingerbread local groups for meeting up face-to-face and getting to know parents in similar circumstances in your local area.

Best for community and humour

For a more personal view on being a dad in the modern world, head over to The Dad Network where there are lots of blogs covering the big, the small and the just plain funny aspects of fatherhood.

Best for stay at home dads

Hands-on dads will definitely appreciate DadblogUK by John Adams which details the adventures, trials and tribulations of being a stay at home dad.

These are my votes for the best parenting websites for dads. Have I missed a really good website? Or do you disagree with my choices? Then let me know by leaving a comment – I promise to check it out!

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