Put a book in his stocking this Christmas (books for fathers and sons)

I know it is not just me who finds men and boys so much harder to buy gifts for. Having been outnumbered by the males in my family for so long, I find myself increasingly desperate each Christmas to come up with new ideas to put in their stockings. My husband’s solution is to opt for joke presents but I can’t help striving for something that might actually do the kids some good and not end up in the bin by the end of the day.

Books are, of course the ideal solution. Educational and pocket-sized they are ideal stocking fillers. But choosing a book that will actually be read and won’t just gather dust isn’t so easy. I know there are boys who love reading but there are also lots who will only pick up a book if forced…

So, whether you are buying for dads, sons, uncles, nephews, brothers or friends, here are my top recommendations for books to put in their stockings that they will love and that you will feel good about.

Books for dads and sons to read together

Tired of picture books in which mums hoover and dads go out to work and fix things? Check out this selections of books for younger boys that challenge gender stereotypes and foster emotional skills: Books for raising empathetic boys

Books for new dads

If he’s the type of man who likes to ‘How to’ manuals and understanding how things work then Lynne’s Murray’s excellent book The Psychology of Babies is my top tip for new or expectant dads.

Books for dads with teenagers

Switching off your emotions and managing not to overreact in the face of a forgetful, volatile and/or rude teenager is never easy. Understanding what’s going on in their brain can really help – and it is also quite frankly fascinating! The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide is a brilliant book for looking under the bonnet of the teen brain.

Books to tempt teenage boys away from tech

Books have an awful lot of interactive alternatives to compete against in the teen boy’s world. Making sure they (at least occasionally) win involves choosing books with a high adrenalin thrill level that can compete with what’s on offer via the digital world. Here are my personal recommendations of the best books for teenage boys.

Books for reluctant readers (7yrs+)

Learning to love reading independently is essential if boys are to develop a lifelong reading habit. Great artwork, inspiring characters, fantastic plots and accessible language can all make a huge difference in getting boys hooked on reading. Here are some great books to make boys love reading whatever their reading level.

Please let me know if I have missed out a brilliant book or if you disagree with my choices – just comment below.

[Gender equality caveat: all the books above are also suitable for mums and girls!]

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This is not a sponsored post, I have chosen these books because I genuinely recommend them. However, it does contain affiliate links which means if you click through to Amazon and buy one of the books I will earn a small fee. For more info, see my Disclosure Notice.

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