Gender neutral parenting: doomed to fail?

Is it possible to raise girls and boys in a gender neutral way without the influence of gender stereotypes? What can parents do to counter gender bias in children’s lives? Here are a few thoughts on why gender neutral parenting is doomed to fail but why we should all be trying to do it anyway.

(This is an excerpt from a 60-minute seminar on ‘Raising Girls/Raising Boys’)

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2 thoughts on “Gender neutral parenting: doomed to fail?

  1. Sam Ashton

    This is easier said than done but parents have to do all they can to provide a good growing environment for their children.

    1. AnitaCleare Post author

      Gender is everywhere and it’s very hard for parents to combat those messages but I do think that trying is important and can provide a bit of balance and perspective and the spaces that children need to grow into their best selves.


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