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Get practical tips on how to solve all the tricky issues of modern parenting. Our interactive online parenting workshops are run in the evenings or weekends – so parents can attend without the need to leave the house or organise childcare! You will be part of a small group so there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions. And we will make sure you get follow up resources to help you implement the strategies discussed. Register now and, if life gets in the way, we will send a replay of the session so you don’t miss out.

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Tuesday 19th May 2020 8pm: Managing Sibling Conflict

online parenting workshops masterclassIt’s no fun living in a war zone. Sibling conflict can really leech the fun out of family time. Whether it’s arguing, bickering, teasing, name-calling, refusing to share or physical fighting and aggression, siblings can get stuck in a rut and the whole family suffers. All children need to learn how to get along, resolve their disagreements and behave in a polite, co-operative and caring way. So what can parents do to prevent sibling conflict and how to respond when it happens? This parenting Masterclass outlines the key reasons why sibling conflict occurs and the common parenting traps that we can all fall into. It looks at practical and effective measures to minimize sibling conflict, including:

  • Teaching co-operation and turn-taking
  • Setting ground rules
  • Coaching problem-solving
  • Motivating change
  • Using consequences

Suitable for parents/carers of children aged 1-10yrs.

Live Online Parenting Workshop May 19th 8.00pm-9.00pm (UK) Book here


24th June 2020 8pm: Family teambuilding with tweens and teens

more info soon!


24th September 2020 8pm: ‘How to walk in the house ready to parent after a day at work’

online parenting workshops Stress free eveningsBeing a calm, connected, consistent parent after a long day at work isn’t easy. Good parenting means standing your ground when children push at boundaries. It means tuning in to your child and managing your emotions (even though your child hasn’t yet mastered theirs). That’s a big ask at the end of the day when you might only have an hour to spend with your child. Arriving home after a day at work in the right frame of mind to parent is key. And for many of us, that involves learning how to be two different people on the same day. This seminar is full of practical can-do tips and strategies to help working parents make family evenings a little happier, including:

  • Switching from Work-me to Parent-me
  • Making space for attention and playfulness
  • Establishing positive routines

Suitable for parents/carers of children aged 1-10yrs.

Live Online Parenting Workshop Thurs 24th September 8.00pm-9.00pm (UK) Book here


20th October 2020 8pm: ‘Stress-free Morning Routines’

online parenting workshops Stress-free morning routines for busy parentsGetting children out of the house on time can be a working parent’s nightmare. That train won’t wait for toddler tantrums, lost homework or last minute costume requests! Morning pressures can make parents stressed and irritable and even minor misbehaviour is more difficult to handle. And parenting strategies that work at other times of the day are often ineffective when up against a deadline. So what can parents do to develop a stress-free morning routine? This seminar outlines the common parenting traps that parents can fall into and offers practical and effective measures to prevent and deal with problems in the mornings.

Suitable for parents/carers of children aged 1-10 years.

Live Online Parenting Workshop Tuesday 20th October 8.00pm-9.00pm (UK) Book here


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