New Year, New You? (by Louise Kelly)

Guest post by Louise Kelly

Bordighera by Louise Kelly

Bordighera (Breathe In, Breathe Out) by Louise Kelly

New Year, New You?

Or New Year, TRUE you?

At this time of year we are often encouraged by the media (and our most conscientious selves) to take steps to improve our lives in some way. We hear ‘DETOX!’ ‘GET FIT!’ ‘DECLUTTER!’ ‘GET RICH!’

The lure of the fresh start can be very appealing, that’s for sure, and I am all for learning strategies that bring greater freedom and happiness into our lives… But what if the answer to the question of our fulfilment is much simpler than this?

How would it be if the key to a happier life is just to be us?

How would it be if the key to a happier life is to get fully in touch with our true selves, the real essence of who we are and to increase and expand this positive energy of ours so that every area of our lives is naturally lifted as a result? Then the diet, the exercise, the PLAN become just tools in a bigger process rather than ends in themselves.

When we are truly ‘in the zone’, being us, when we are happy and fully congruent, then things tend to fall into place easily… We are likely to want to eat more healthily, to keep our bodies and surroundings clearer, to focus on activities and experiences that make us happy, and to be calmer with our children. We begin attracting better opportunities (and then maybe, yes, get richer) as a result.

In my work as a children’s yoga teacher and meditation coach, I find that the solution to many families’ stresses, complications and problems is often realised by reconnecting with our inner selves. Taking a few moments (regularly) to check in with our inner selves is the simplest way to find our own innate wisdom, to be able to follow our heart more easily and live our best lives.

So I would like to share this short creative visualisation with you. It is for both adults and children and it offers a way to begin to develop a stronger relationship with your truest self and to raise your energy levels. It can also bring clarity when the demands of family and the outside world become too much.

Listen to this visualisation any time you have a few moments to close your eyes and once you hear how it is done you will be able to recreate the process whenever you want to… And it feels good!

It is also a great mediation to share with your kids to help them relax and destress before they go to sleep at night.

Try it once and if you like it do it every day for a week or more to see how a shift in your inner space can cause ripples of calm, clarity and positivity in the rest of your life.

And the best thing?

As you become less stressed and more aligned with the TRUE you, your life naturally and easily evolves in way that are just perfect… for YOU.

This is a guest post by Louise Kelly. Louise Kelly is an artist, therapist, yoga and meditation teacher and NLP coach. She works privately, in schools/nurseries and in the workplace to help children and adults live their best lives. You can find out more about Louise’s work at or follow her on Facebook.

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