Online Parenting Course

‘Triple P’ Online Parenting Course

Triple P® Online is a fantastic solution for busy working parents who can’t make it to a parenting class. It’s interactive and easy to use and you can log in whenever and wherever it suits you. The eight sessions are a lively mix of video clips, online worksheets and personalised activities covering all the same parenting tips and strategies as an 8-week parenting group. Plus, you can also sign up for podcasts, emails and text reminders.

The Triple P online parenting course come is two versions – one that is suitable for parents/carers of children aged 1-11 years and one for parents of tweens/teens aged 10-16 years. Here’s a sneak peek of the course relating to younger children:

Triple P online parenting courseDirect fees for parents:

Basic package: 8-week online parenting course plus option of email support or 1 x 30-minute telephone support session from a Triple P parenting coach (£125.00)

Supported package: 8-week online parenting course plus 4 x 30-minute telephone support sessions from a Triple P parenting coach (£245.00)

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Self study parenting workbooks

Triple P self-study workbooks are perfect for parents who prefer to access advice and information through books. Each workbook covers all the same parenting tips and strategies as an 8-week parenting group but with the added convenience of being able to read it on the train or dip in and out as time permits. There are three workbooks to choose from: one for parents of children aged 1-11 years, one for parents of teenagers and one for parents of children with additional needs.

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Don’t take our word for it – read what parents say about our services.

“It was like someone swapped my children for nicer ones. Amazing what a difference a shift in my attitude made. My two were fighting all day and I was shouting all day, now they play nicely MOST of the time and I am a calm parent MOST of the time! It was a revelation.”

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