Parenting workshops in schools and children’s centres

The Positive Parenting ProjectThe Positive Parenting Project delivers parenting workshops in schools and children’s centres across the south-east of England. We support children’s centres, nurseries, primary and secondary schools to nurture children’s social and emotional development through a positive partnership with parents that uses evidence-based parenting programmes to enable parents to make the best choices for their children.

Children 0-11 years

Triple P® Positive Parenting Seminars

Triple P online parenting workshopsThree 90-minute Triple P Seminars covering all the key principles of positive parenting:

  • The Power of Positive Parenting
  • Raising Confident, Competent Children
  • Raising Resilient Children

Seminars can be delivered singly or as a series of three, to groups of 5 to 60 people. All participants receive a comprehensive Tip Sheet to take home.

Triple P® Discussion Groups

These are 2 hour active learning workshops for parents/carers with a shared concern about specific behaviour issues. Participants learn through demonstrations, discussion and behaviour rehearsal and develop an action plan for tackling the problem behaviour. Four parenting workshops are available:lunchtime parenting seminars

  • Managing Fighting and Aggression
  • Dealing with Disobedience
  • Bedtime Problems
  • Hassle-free Shopping with Children

Workshops are suitable for parents/carers of children aged 1-10 years old. Each participant receives a take-home workbook. Groups of 5-16 participants.

Parenting Clinics/Drop-ins

Brief one-to-one consultations on any parenting topic. Can be run as appointment-based clinics or more informally (e.g. combined with a Stay and Play or other parents’ activity). Typical topics include: tantrums, bedtimes, sharing, managing emotions, sibling conflict, separation anxiety, non-cooperation, whining and much more! Parents receive Tip Sheets to take home.

Triple P® Parenting Courses

Triple P Group parenting courses take place over eight weeks, comprising four 2-hour group sessions followed by three one-to-one or phone sessions, then a final group session. Participants must attend all eight sessions.

lunchtime parenting seminarsCourses employ active skills training to help parents acquire new parenting strategies, learning through observation, discussion, practice and feedback. Suitable for parents/carers of children aged 2-12 years. Maximum 12 participants per group.

PSHE Seminars for parents

  • Promoting a Healthy Body Image – strategies for parents to foster children’s confidence in their individuality and help them feel good about their bodies (all ages).
  • Talking to Children about Sex and Relationships – Which words? How much detail? How to protect children and equip them to make good choices? Tried-and-tested strategies for parents on talking to children of all ages about bodies, puberty, families, relationships, sex and pregnancy (all ages).
  • Positive Parenting in the Digital Age – How much tech time is too much tech time? How does tech impact on child development? This seminar explores the impacts of the digital world on child development and outlines positive strategies for managing children’s screen time to ensure a well-balanced childhood and create a digitally healthy family life. (all ages)

Children 11-18 years

Triple P® Parenting Teenagers Seminars

Three 90-minute Triple P Parenting Teenagers Seminars covering all the crucial issues for parents of teenagers:lunchtime parenting seminars

  • Raising Responsible Teenagers
  • Raising Competent Teenagers
  • Getting Teenagers Connected

Seminars can be delivered singly or as a series of three, to groups of 5-60 parents/carers. Each participant receives a comprehensive Tip Sheet to take home.

Teen Behaviour Workshops

2-hour Triple P® Discussion Groups about specific behaviour issues. Parents learn through demonstrations, discussion, rehearsal and action planning. There are four topics available:lunchtime parenting seminars

  • Getting teenagers to co-operate
  • Coping with teenagers’ emotions
  • Building teenagers’ survival skills
  • Reducing family conflict

These parenting workshops are suitable for groups of 5-16 participants. Each participant receives a take-home workbook.

Parenting Teenagers Courses

lunchtime parenting seminarsTriple P Teen parenting courses take place over 8 weeks, comprising four 2-hour group sessions, followed by three weeks of individual support, then a final group session. Courses employ active skills training to help parents acquire sustainable new parenting strategies and put these into practice. Maximum 12 participants per group.

The Positive Parenting Project


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