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Amazing! magazine is a monthly children’s educational magazine for boys and girls aged 7+. It’s aim is to educate whilst entertaining by providing engaging content that children will actually want to read. Amazing! magazineThe content is based on the UK Key Stage 2 national curriculum and covers core subjects such as Maths, English, Science, History, Art etc. – but in a fun and accessible way that draws on children’s fascination with the gory, rude and funny. If your kids like Horrible Histories, then Amazing! magazine might be right up their street.

Unlike cheap and cheerful keep-them-quiet-in-the-supermarket comics, there are no free plastic toys (hurray!) but 36 pages of cheeky puzzles, brainteasers, jokes and funny factoids. The academic subject matter is all re-interpreted to have a child-fascinating focus (think zombies, cheesy feet, aliens and bogeys) with high quality illustrations and a child-friendly font and snippets layout. If only all learning could be like this…

Can I guarantee that Amazing! will improve your child’s grades? No. But if getting your child to read is like pulling teeth (see 20 ideas to boost children’s reading skills that don’t involve books), or you need some portable fodder for an insatiable brain, then it’s worth a try. And you will definitely feel like your money has been better spent than on a never-read comic with a toy that fell apart before it was out of the wrapper…..

Amazing! magazine is available in shops or by subscription (in print or online) via You will get 10% off annual subscriptions if you use the code WOW10 at checkout.

This is not a sponsored post, I was not paid to write it. The publishers sent me the magazine to look at and I thought it would interest my readers so I reviewed it. They offered me a year’s subscription to the magazine in return for writing the review but it is too young for my children so I gave the subscription away to a local school. For more info, see my Disclosure Statement,

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22 thoughts on “Review: Amazing! magazine

  1. Rob Waller

    Please could I have one of the 10 free copies for my 2 daughters – sounds like it might be great

    1. AnitaCleare Post author

      The kids lose interest with the toys as soon as they are out of the packet! I tried this magazine out on my 10-year-old niece, thinking she might be a bit old for it, and she really enjoyed it!

  2. Catherine

    This sounds like the kind of magazine that you can dip in and out of and reread over time. So many magazines have a really short shelf life and once they have been read that’s it. Thanks for a great review 🙂


  3. kirsten

    Thanks Anita for writing about this magazine. It looks good and exactly the right age for my boys. One of my son gravitates to magazines so finding a good quality one is great.

  4. Karen Austin

    I’m guessing you’ve long since passed on the free copies, but I’ve been trying to buy a copy of this for about 6 months and have yet to find it in any stores, so if you do have any left I would love to receive one. My children are 6 and 10.


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