Books for preparing toddlers for new babies

Books are a great tool for preparing toddlers for new babies. There is so much about babies that toddlers can’t anticipate and sustaining a sensible focused conversation with a toddler is never easy. So that precious time when you are snuggling up for a good story is a wonderful opportunity to introduce new ideas and prompt conversations about feelings and upcoming changes (see tips on Preparing your child for a new baby).

Whether you are just about to tell your toddler there is a baby on the way or have already welcomed your new bundle of joy, these are my personal recommendations of books that help young children cope with the arrival of a sibling. But be warned, talking to toddlers about new babies can throw up some probing questions about how the baby got into Mummy’s tummy in the first place – so you might also want to check out these Top 10 Books for talking to children about sex too!

What’s in Your Tummy Mummy? (Sam Lloyd)

What’s in Your Tummy Mummy? is a brilliant lift-the-flap book which is perfect for younger children who need a gentle introduction to the idea that there is a baby inside mum’s tum. Funny and charming, with lovely illustrations and unforced rhymes, it’s a real pleasure to read and one that you will all enjoy over and over again.

Topsy and Tim: The New Baby (Jean Adamson)

It’s hard for young children to imagine what having a real baby will actually be like. Topsy and Tim: The New Baby introduces toddlers and preschoolers to some of the realities to expect after the baby arrives – including breastfeeding, baby bath time, and sleeping arrangements. A great launchpad for talking about jealousy, changes and new routines.

I’m a Big Sister / I’m a Big Brother (Joanna Cole)

Told through the eyes of a new big sister / new big brother, I’m a Big Sisterand I’m a Big Brother explore the ups and downs of having a new sibling and help to reassure your child that s/he is still loved and special. A good book for prompting conversations about how your child feels once the new baby has arrived.

New Baby board books (Rachel Fuller)

This series of four board books (Waiting for Baby (New Baby)My New BabyYou and Me! (New Baby) and Look at Me! (New Baby)) will accompany your child through the whole journey of pregnancy, the arrival of a new baby and becoming an older sibling with all the trials and rewards that those changes bring.

Sophie and the New Baby (Laurence Anholt)

Sophie and the New Baby (Anholt Family Favourites) is a good choice for slightly older children and tackles the difficult issue of what it feels like for a child when everything changes. A touching tale with a wit and humour that makes it a great read to snuggle up with.


If the arrival of a new baby is going to bring lots of changes, you might also want to take a look at these Books for helping children cope with change. If sibling rivalry is the issue, try these Children’s books about sibling rivalry.

This is not a sponsored post – these are all books that I personally recommend for preparing toddlers for new babies. It does however contain affiliate links (see Disclosure Notice for more info).

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  1. Sarah MumofThree World

    Such lovely suggestions! I remember getting books to prepare my boys for the arrival of a new sibling. My niece loves Topsy & Tim, so that would have been perfect for when her little brother came along!


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